Solar Batteries

Batteries for solar energy systems. Westrock offers affordable new and reconditioned solar batteries and battery banks for any size of solar system. Affordable shipping across Canada.

Westrock Distributes Sun Saver Lead Acid, AGM, Gel And The Latest Lithium Technology Batteries. Westrock Also Carries Top Brands Trojan, US Battery, Lifeline, Powersonic And Full River.

Westrock Also Custom Builds Battery And Solar Cables In All Sizes From 10 Gauge To 4/0. Check Our “Custom Battery And Solar Cables” Button On The Main Page For Details.

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  • Sale!

    BWG High Performance AGM Battery 12V/35Ah (L Post) Group Size U1

    $159.95 $114.95

  • Safe LiFeP04 Battery Charging At Sub Zero Temperatures

    Internal Heat Option For CanLiFe LiFeP04 Batteries


  • Sale!

    BWG High Performance AGM Battery 12V/75AH (L Post) Group Size 24

    $249.95 $199.95

  • Sale!

    BWG High Performance AGM Battery 12V/110AH (L Post) Group Size 30H

    $349.95 $269.95

  • Sale!

    BWG High Performance AGM Battery 6V/220AH Golf Cart/Marine/RV/Solar Group Size GC-2

    $449.95 $349.95

  • Sale!

    CanLiFe Pure Lead Carbon Sealed 12 Volt 100 Amp Hour Battery

    $499.95 $370.00

  • Sale!

    Victron AGM Super Cycle Battery 12V/100Ah (M6) BAT412110081

    $529.00 $437.22

  • Sale! L16 AGM Battery Canada

    BWG High Performance AGM Battery 6V/400AH Solar & Aerial Lift Group Size L16 Canada

    $649.95 $529.95

  • Sale! 500 Amp Hours @ 20 Hour Rate - 720 Amp Hours @ 100 Hour Rate

    Lead Carbon AGM Solar Batteries – FCP 500 2 Volt Cell With Battery Rack Included For 6, 12 or 24 Cells.

    $799.99 $549.99