Complete Grid Tie Solar Packages

Westrock Battery Ltd. Is One Of Manitoba’s Most Experienced Grid Tie Solar Energy System Installer, Our Solar Technicians Have Over 70 Years Combined Experience Designing, Selling And Installing Off Grid Systems And Since 2016 Have Been Installing Grid Tied Systems As Well. We Currently Have Installed or Are In The Process Of Installing Over 150 Kilowatts Of Solar Under The Manitoba Hydro Solar Program (Which Has Recently Ended).

Westrock Still Offers Affordable Grid Tied Solutions Priced At Under $3 Per Installed Watt For 5 Kilowatt And Larger Systems Within 200 Kilometers Of Winnipeg.

Here Are Some Photos Of Our Installations:

19.5 Ground Mounted Array Near Lundar Manitoba, One Of The First In Manitoba To Be Approved Under The Solar Program! Yes We Install In The Winter!

37.8 Kilowatt System Installed On Two Commercial Rooftops (East – West And South Facing) In Winnipeg.

12.6 Kilowatt System Installed Near St. Rose Du Lac:


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