Off Grid Solar Systems

Westrock Is Canada’s Leading Distributor And Installer Of Off Grid Solar Systems For Seasonal Cottages, Remote Homes, Commercial Lodges, Houseboats, RV’s And Campers.


Westrock’s Vast Solar Experience (Over A Century Combined Between Staff And Management) And Desire To Offer Maximum Value, Safety, And Affordability To Our Customers Has Led To the Development Of The Industries Most Affordable Solar Power Centers On The Market.

Our Flexible Solar Power Centers Feature:

  • Choice Of Inverter, DC Disconnect, PV Disconnect, Lightning Surge Protection And System Monitoring Components All Pre-Installed & Wired On A Powder Coated Mounting Plate that Can Be Easily Transported and Installed At The clients Loaction. 
  • Powder Coated Steel Backer Plate Measures – 39.5″ x 33″
  • Inverter Options Include Top Brands Including Magnum, Schneider/Xantrex, Outback Power, And Aims Power  In 12,24 And 48 Volt Variants. Most Inverters Feature Integrated Smart Chargers And Come Complete With Heavy Duty (1/0-4/0) Ultraflex Copper Cables 
  • Midnight Solar Battery Capacity Meter
  • Midnight Solar MNDC250 – 250 AMP DC Disconnect (Protects System Should A Short Arise In The Battery Bank, Disconnect Battery Bank For Servicing, Required By Canadian Electrical Code), With Solar Array Disconnect Breaker Installed
  • Midnight Solar MNSPD-300 Lightning Surge Protection Device Wired To Protect Electronics From Direct And Nearby Lighting Strikes
  • 4/0 Inverter Cable Set – 6 Foot Length
  • Option To Install Desired Solar Charge Controller

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