AGM, Maintenance Free Automotive Batteries

AGM Battery Technology:

AGM In An Acronym For “Absorbent Glass Mat”, the term refers to the very fine glass mat separators between the plates that Absorb The sulfuric acid, making the battery spill-proof. This enables shipment without hazardous material restrictions. The plates can be made flat to resemble a standard flooded lead acid pack in a rectangular case; they can also be wound into a cylindrical cell.

These batteries can be manufactured for both Automotive & Powersport Starting or Deepcycle Energy Storage applications.


AGM Starting Battery Manufacturers Include:

Optima Batteries – Famously The Manufacturer Of Spiral Cell AGM Batteries. Red Top Is Automotive Starting, Yellow Top Is Deepcyle, Bluetop Is Hybrid Marine Starting & Deepcycle. Optima’s Are Popular With The Car Stereo and Show Car Crowd, but my opinion after almost 30 years in the business is that the space between the spiral cells is air instead of lead like it would be in a flat plate design. That is why the capacity is a low 55 Amp Hours for the group 34 instead of 80 or 90 in an equivalent flat plate design. Our experience is that Optima’s while amongst the most expensive AGM batteries on the market don’t last very long. This is supported by the fact they have relatively short warranties from 1 Month when you install them in series without a battery management system to a high of 3 years in a standard automotive application.

Odyssey & North Star Batteries:

Basically The Flat Plate Equivalent To The Optima, these batteries offer higher capacity and similar 3 – 4 year warranties to Optima. They utilize 99.99% Virgin Pure Lead that allows them to make the plates very thin to deliver higher Cold Cranking Power versus other manufacturers (thinner plates also seems to equate to shorter service life). This also contributes to making them much more expensive relative to other manufacturers making it difficult to justify the added cost.

Tourque Starter AGM Batteries:

These premium Flat Plate AGM Automotive Starting Batteries Are Manufactured By Factory Motor Parts (Manufacturer Of AC Delco & Ford Motorcraft Batteries) And Yuasa Battery Company. Tourque Starter AGM Batteries are backed by an industry leading 5 year free replacement warranty. These are one of the most affordable AGM Starting battery options on the market today.

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