Forklift Battery Sales & Service

   For Over 30 Years Westrock Battery Is Manitoba’s Most Experienced Forklift Battery Sales And Service Center. Westrock Offers New Premium Batteries From Top Manufacturers Including Douglas, And Exide Battery.

   Westrock Also Offers The Latest Lithium Technology Batteries From Top Manufacturers Like Roypow And CanLiFe Lithium That Offer Long Term Savings, Excellent Return On Investment, No Maintenance And Safer Operation Versus Traditional Flat And Tubular Plate Lead Acid Batteries.

 Westrock Is Canada’s Leader In Forklift Battery Refurbishing. Our Re-VIVE Reconditioning Service For Used Forklift Batteries Regains Lost Run Time And Increases The Life Span Of The Battery.

    Forklift And Other Motive Power Batteries Lose Capacity Through A Chemical Process Called Sulphation, Our Proprietary Re-Vive Reconditioning Process Combines An Environmentally Safe Chemical Additive And State of The Art Electronic Pulse Technology To Reverse Sulphation, Recovering Battery Capacity.

Re-Vive Battery Reconditioning Can:

  • Can double the typical service life of a forklift battery
  • Greatly improves battery performance and efficiency
  • Decreases charging time
  • Extends operational time between recharges
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Extended service life and reduced damage to forklift electrical components

Westrock capacity tests all Batteries Brought In For Service Before and After Re-Viving and provide Hard Copy Test reports so you can Evaluate Our Results For Yourself!

If for any reason we can’t regenerate this battery to 70% of its rated capacity and the battery is scrap,  then you pay nothing for our service attempt*!

Westrock offers repair services for all makes and models of industrial Forklift Lead Acid batteries and chargers. Our Forklift lead acid battery repair service helps you save on costly replacements and down time. Save time and hassle, Call Westrock Whenever A Forklift Battery Problem Arises.

  • Westrock will keep and scrap the battery
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