Internal Heat Option For CanLiFe LiFeP04 Batteries


Add Internal Heating Element To Your CanLiFe LiFeP04 Battery To Allow Charging In Sub Zero Temperatures.



CanLife Internal Heater Option

Allows Charging Of Your CanLiFeP04 Lithium Battery In Sub-Zero Temperatures

Battery Heater –  Starts Pre-Heating @ 7 Degrees Celsius, Shut Off Automatically @ 15 Degrees Celsius. On/Off Toggle Switch To Turn It Off In The Summer.

4 Options for Battery Heater

For 12 & 24 Volt 134 Amp Hour Battery Models – Draws 2 Amps

For 12 & 24 Volt 302 Amp Hour Battery Models – Draws 4 Amps

For 36 & 48 Volt 134 Amp Hour Battery Models – Draws 4 Amps

For 36 & 48 Volt 302 Amp Hour Battery Models – Draws 6 Amps

Why Use an Internal Heater?

If the temperature is below 32°F, you shouldn’t try to charge a LiFePO4 battery. This can lead to lithium plating, which reduces your battery’s capacity and can result in short circuits, causing irreparable damage.

What is Lithium Plating?

The development of metallic lithium around the anode of lithium-ion batteries occurs during charging and is known as lithium plating. Over time, plating, also known as deposition, can lead to rechargeable batteries failing.

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Additional information

12/24V100AH Heater Addon

12/24V280AH Heater Addon

36/48V100AH Heater Addon

36/48V280AH Heater Addon


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