CanLiFe 48 Volt 30ah Lithium Golf Cart Battery Upgrade Kit – Includes Battery, Charger & Installation Kit


Lithium 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery

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Affordable Lithium Upgrade Package Inlcudes CanLife 48 Volt 30AH Lithium Golf Cart Battery, 48 Volt 8 Amp Onboard Weatherproof Lithium Charger And Custom Installation Kit For Your Model Cart


Extend The Service Life Of Your Golf Cart Fleet With Affordable, Long Life 48 Volt Lithium Golf Cart Batteries From CanLiFe

Our Solution Allows You To Easily And Affordably Replace Old, Heavy Lead Acid Batteries (Typically 6 x 8 Volt Or 4 x 12 Volt Battery Modules) With A Single Drop In Lithium Battery Module The Exact Same Size As An 8 Volt Lead Acid Battery Weighing Only 22 Pounds Each. No need to have to modify your cart to make the lithium battery fit like other larger batteries on the market.

We Supply An installation Kit For Your Model Cart And A Smart Waterproof Lithium Charger Is Included Along With A Pass Through Port To Install In The Cart Body To Complete The Installation. The Whole Process typically Takes less than 1 Hour To Complete On Each Cart. Installation Instructions Are Included.

Once Installed The CanLiFe Lithium Golf Carts Upgrade Package Is Guaranteed To Perform 6 Years (Free Repair/Replacement Warranty). Estimated Service Life Is 12-15Years (2500 Cycles)


  • Typical Range Of 20-25 Kilometers On A Full Charge In A Stock Golf Cart Which Is Enough For At Least One Round Of Golf And Possibly Two At Most Courses Nationwide (Extended Capacity CanLiFe 48V56AH Model Is Available For 40-45 KM Range)

  • Batteries Recharge In About 8 Hours With Included On Board Waterproof Smart Lithium Charger

  • Package Includes Everything Needed To Install The Batteries And Charger Neatly And Securely Including Tie Down Brackets, Mounting Plate And Pass Through Plug In Port For The Charger Cord.

  • With A 12-15 Year Expected Service Life And 6 Year No Nonsense Free Replacement Warranty CanLiFe Golf Cart Batteries Help You Defer Expensive Cart Replacement Costs And Are Backed By The Best Warranty In The Business

  • Integrated Extra Heavy Duty Smart BMS (Battery Management System) That Can Handle Up To 360 Amps, With Bluetooth Allows For Easy Monitoring Of Your Battery With Any Bluetooth Enabled Smart Phone Or Tablet. Bluetooth Feature Allows You To Turn Off Discharge Of The Battery To Prevent Power Drain When Cart Is Not In Use And Is An Effective Security System, Preventing Unauthorized Use Of The Golf Cart.

  • Designed To Work With Virtually Any 48 Volt Golf Cart On The Market The CanLiFe System Is The Only Choice For Your Golf Cart.

   The CanLiFe 48 Volt LiCo Is The Exact Same Size As One Of Your Old 8 Volts Lead Acid Batteries:


  • A True “Drop In Replacement” Our CanLiFe 48 Volt Lico Is The Exact Same Size As An 8 Volt Golf Cart And Shorter In Length Than A 12 Volt Golf Cart, So It Will Fit In Every Application.

No Maintenance & Less Weight Than Conventional Lead Acid Batteries

  • Completely Sealed, Built In Safety Features, And Premium Lithium Ion Cells Come Together To Create A Battery That Weighs Only 40 Pounds, But Can Replace Over 300 Pounds Of Messy Lead Acid Batteries.

Charges Up Faster Than Conventional Lead Acid Batteries

  • The CanLiFe Lico Can Be Charged At An Extremely High Rate Up To 56 Amps.
  • It Is Compatible With Original Golf Cart Battery Chargers But Note They Will Not Be Capable Of Charging It Fully
  • We Recommend Using The Aims Power 36/48 Volt Smart Battery Charger On The Lithium Setting To Charge Your Battery Fully Every Time

Can Be Discharged At A High Rate:

  • Our Heavy Duty BMS Has Been To Designed To Handle The Large Surge Required When Accelerating. The Battery Can Handle 120 Amps Continuously And Up To 360 Amps For 1 Second.  Two Unit Works Great With The Navitas And Alltrax Upgraded Controllers.

Built In Bluetooth With A Free IOS And Android App:

  • Monitor Your Batteries State Of Charge, Number Of Cycles, Turn Discharge On Or Off To Secure Cart Or Prevent Unwanted Drain Of Power By The Cart When Not In Use

Our Warranty Is Better

  • Read The Fine Print From Other Suppliers, Their Warranty May Be Longer But Is Pro-Rated – Meaning You Have To Pay To Replace Your Defective Battery, Only Getting A Partial Credit For The Years Of Service The Battery Did Not Provide.
  • The CanLiFe LiCo Warranty Is 6 Years Full, Free Repair/Replacement.


2 x CanLiFe 48 Volt 30 Amp Hour LiCo’s Replace 8 x 12 Volts In The Electric Polaris Ranger EV

  • We Designed And Tested These Batteries In Winnipeg Manitoba, Going Through Several Revisions To Find Success. Outfitting Two Polaris Ranger EV Off Road Electric Vehicles With 2 Of Our CanLiFe 48 Volt 30 Amp Hour LiCo’s.
  • Weight Savings – 576 Pounds
  • The Vehicle Sits About 3 Inches Higher with the 2 CanLiFe Lico’s Installed Vs. The 8 x 12 Volt US Battery Golf Carts That They Came with.
  • The Top Speed Increased By About 5 KPH With No Other Changes To The System
  • Victron BNV-712 Bluetooth Smart Battery Monitor Was Installed To Keep Tabs On The Batteries State Of Charge
  • We Installed The Aims Power Smart 36/48 Volt Battery charger On Board For Simple, Hassle Free Charging.


Estimated Return On Investment – 30 Amp Hour Model:

Return On Investment Is Calculated As Follows:

Cost Of 1 CanLife LiCo Battery Set – $2300, Lifespan – 2500 80% Cycles

Cost Of A Set Of US 12VXHC 12 Volt Deepcyle Golf Cart Batteries – 4 x $380 = $1520, Lifespan – 675 80% Cycles (Per Published US Battery Specification)

CanLife Lico Lifespan Vs. Lead Acid – 2500 Divided By 675 = 3.7 Times Longer Life Span

Value Of CanLife Lico Vs. Lead Acid – $1520 x 3.7 = $5624

Initial Value Vs Lead Acid = $5624 Divided By $2300 = 2.45 x 100 = 245% Return On Investment



  • Typical Capacity: 30 Ah
  • Nominal Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Weight: 11 Kgs (23 Lbs)
  • Bluetooth Enabled Compatible With “Smart BMS Utility” And “Xiaoxiang BMS” Applications
  • Dimensions: L 262 x W 182 x H 258mm (10.32 x 7.20 x 10.16”)
  • Battery Management: Short Circuit, Current, Voltage, Cell Balancing
  • Charging Method: CC – CV
  • Standard Charge Voltage: 58.4V
  • Recommended Charge Current: 8-30 Amps
  • Max Charge Current: 40 Amps
  • Max Continuous Discharge Current: 120A
  • Peak Discharge Current (1 Second): 360A
  • Cycle Life: 2500 @ 80% DOD, 2000 @ 100% DOD
  • Over Charge Voltage Protection: 59.5V
  • Over Discharge Voltage Protection: 40V
  • Over Current Discharge Protection: 150A
  • Short Circuit Protection: Cut out
  • Operation Temperature Range: Charge 0~60°C, Discharge -20~60°C, Storage -20~40°C
  • Parallel Connection: No Limit
  • Series Connection: NOT Allowed
  • Connector: M8 Screw Terminal
  • UN38.3 Certified For Safe Transport
  • Warranty: 5 Year Free Repair/Replacement!

General Care

Here is some simple care info to help you maximize performance, protect your Lithium battery and
maintain safety.

Lithium battery technology is among the safest available but can still be dangerous if
not handled or utilized properly, as with all batteries. Lithium cells have some very specific
characteristics and must be treated differently from Lead based and other batteries. Once installed in a
proper system, they are very simple to maintain and utilize.

  • Charging should be performed using a CC – CV (Constant Current – Constant Voltage) system.
  • NEVER charge at or below freezing temperatures (0°C, 32°F).
  • Optimal charge and discharge rates for longevity range from 0.1C to 0.5C.
  • Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place to help avoid cell deterioration.
  • Charge at least once every six months, when in storage, to combat self discharge. Lithium cells generally do not like to rest in a fully charged or full discharged state for any period, this will accelerate capacity and performance loss.
  • Standard operating range for usable Amp hour (Ah) capacity is 20% – 100%. Depth of Discharge (DoD) 80%.
  • Batteries are shipped in a partial state of charge. Charge before using.
  • If a pack becomes completely discharged for any period, charge to full immediately.
  • Not Water Proof, Do Not Get Wet Or Submerge In Water
  • Do Not Mix With Other Battery Technologies


UN 38.3

All CanLiFe Lithium products passed section 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria (UN Transportation Testing) to ensure the safety of lithium batteries during shipping.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in
Add Internal Heater For Sub Zero Charging



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