Large Vessel Marine Solar Power Kit

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Our Premium Marine Grade Solar Packages Are Specifically Engineered For Marine Applications.


Marine Solar Power Kit For Yachts & Cabin Cruisers – Large Vessel Kit

    Our Premium Marine Grade Solar Packages Are Specifically Engineered For Marine Applications.
These Kits Feature:
  • Complete Package, Everything Necessary Is Included, From The Wire Harness To The Silicone Adhesive To Install The Solar Modules, To The Batteries, No Need To Source Other Components
  • Flexible, Bendable High Efficiency Solar Modules That Can Be Strapped, Glued Or Tied To Virtually Any Part Of A Marine Vessel That Is Exposed To The Sun
  • Solar Modules Can Be Safely Walked On When Installed On A Flat, Solid Surface, With Bare Feet Or Clean, Non Scuffing Footwear.
  • Included High Capacity Silicone Gel Batteries Are Completely Maintenance Free, Do Not Emit Any Harmful, Smelly Gasses And Cannot Spill Or Leak.
  • Critical Components, Including The Solar Charge Controller And Power Inverter Are Designed For Marine Applications, The Electronics Are Sprayed With A Conformal Coating That Protects Them From Moisture And Salt
  • 2 Year Warranty On All Components
  • $300 Flat Rate Shipping To Any Mainland Major City In Canada (Remote Areas And Island Locations Such As PEI And Vancouver Island Will Cost More)
What Can The Large Vessel Kit Power?
On A Extended Basis 3 – 7 Consecutive Days Of Use With 3 – 5 Days Off With Sunshine In Between To Recover Capacity
  • 10 – 12 Conventional DC Or AC Lights Or 15-20 LED Lights
  • Marine/VHF Radio
  • Stereo Or MP3 Player
  • GPS/Navigation, Radar, Depth Finder, Fish Finder And Other Marine Electronics
  • Large Television & DVD Player For Several Hours Of Use Each Day/Evening
  • Refridgerator, Coffee Pot, Toaster, Microwave, Vacumn And Other Household Applicances
  • Tablet & Cell Phone Chargers (USB Outlets Integrated In Inverter)
  • Water Pump And Bilge Pump.
  • Other Small Appliances Such As Fans And Shavers
What Exactly Is Included In The Large Vessel Kit?
  •  4 x Aims Power Corp 120 Watt Flexible Solar Modules – 480 Watts Of Total Solar Charge Capability
  • Victron Energy MPPT100/50, 50 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller With Automatic 12 Volt Lighting/Load Control And And Optional Bluetooth System Monitoring Through A Free App
  • 4 x LePage PL9000 Waterproof Adhesive To Securely Mount Solar Modules
  • 2 x 20 Amp Inline Breakers To Protect System Components Should A Wire Short Out 
  • 32 Foot 10 Awg MC4 Solar Array Wire Harnees With 3/8 Eyelets
  • Pro-Mariner True Power 1500 Watt (3000 Watt Peak) Marine Grade Power Inverter With 2 GFCI Outlets And Battery Cables
  • 4 x Sunsaver GEL 80 Amp Hour Silicone Gel Batteries Configured Into A 12 Volt 320 Amp Hour (20 Hour Rate) Battery Bank With Interconnecting Cables
  • Simple To Follow Installation Instructions
Optional Upgrades:
  • Add Aims 120 Watt Flexible Solar Module To Shorten Recovery Time After Use – $300.00
  • Add Victron Bluetooth Dongle To Activate Wireless System Monitoring Feature Through A downloadable Free App – $60
  • Upgrade To 4 x Sunsaver GEL 120 Amp Hours Silicone GEL Battery – $400.00 (Includes additional Shipping Cost For 4 Batteries)
Lithium Ion Battery Option:

Rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries allow boaters to spend more time on the water. With a higher usable capacity, they are equivalent to a conventional battery of twice the capacity. You’re able to extend your fishing trip or travel the extra mile to reach that island you’ve always wanted to explore.

Plus, lithium’s lighter weight reduces your boat’s draft, making it easier to navigate shallow waters. Instead of docking your heavy electric boat at the pier, power it right up to the shoreline.

  • Upgrade To A 12 Volt 200 Amp Hour Relion Lithium Ion Battery Module That Weighs Only 72 Lbs (Versus 240 Lbs For 4 Sunsaver 80 AH Gel Batteries) – $2200.00

Production And Delivery

  • Our Kits Are Built To Order At Our Facility In Winnipeg Manitoba, Please Allow 7 – 15 Business Days To Assemble The System Plus 5 – 15 Business Days for Economy Shipping.
  • Shipping Is Flat Rate, $300 To Any Mainland Major Center Across Canada. Island Locations Such As PEI Or Vancouver Island Will Be An Additional Charge – Please Contact Us For A Quote.
  • Expedited Shipping May Be Available At An Additional Charge
Sales Taxes:
  • Sales Tax Percentages Apply Based On The Ship To Province, Please Add To Your Payment
Sample Energy Usage Chart:
To Help Determine If This System Is The Right Size For Your Vessel Refer To The Chart Below For Typical Amperage Use. Ideal Battery Capacity Is About 3 Times Daily Usage (1/2 That If Using Lithium Ion Batteries), With Solar Charge Capability At 3 – 4 Times Typical Daily Usage.
Time used Daily Amperage Consumption
Amps On Passage On Anchor On Passage On Anchor
Chart plotter 2 6 6 12 12
GPS 0.2 24 4.8 0
Instruments 0.4 24 9.6 0
RADAR (Tx) 3.2 3 9.6 0
RADAR (Standby) 1.4 9 12.6 0
Navigation Lights 1 12 12 0
Anchor light 0.5 0 12 0 6
Interior lights 2 1 5 2 10
Spreader lights 1 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
Depth Sounder 0.5 24 12 0
Stereo 1 2 8 2 8
Fridge 1.2 24 24 28.8 28.8
VHF radio (tx) 4 0.1 0.1 0.4 0.4
VHF radio (rx) 1 23.9 23.9 23.9 23.9
AIS 0.21 24 24 5.04 5.04
Bilge pump 5 0 0
Water pump 10 0.25 0.25 2.5 2.5
Toilet pump 10 0.1 0.1 1 1
Windlass 100 0 0
Autohelm 1 0 0
TOTAL 132.90 97.89


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