SRNE Waterproof MPPT Solar Street Light Charge Controller – SR-DM200 12/24 Volt 200 Watt


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Parameter of SR-DM120/DM200

Parameter Name Value
Model DM120 DM200
Supported battery Lead acid battery(gel included) and lithium battery
Battery voltage 12V 24V 12V 24V
Battery voltage range 7V~32V
Charge current 10A 20A
Limited charge current
Solar panel power 130W 260W  260W  520W
Solar input voltage 17V~60V 34V~60V  17V~60V  34V~60V
Circuit efficiency ≤95% ≤97%  ≤95%  ≤97%
Voc of solar panel  <60V
MPPT tracking efficiency  >99%
Limited Charge voltage  15.5V;×2/24V
Over voltage protection  17.0V;×2/24V
Over-discharge voltage  7.5V~15.5V;×2/24V
Max load power  60W 120W  100W  200W
Output voltage range 15V~60V 30V~60V  15V~60V  30V~60V
 Output current range 70~4200 mA 70~5600 mA
Output current accuracy  ±3% or ±30mA
Light control voltage 5V~15V;×2/24V
Working temperature -40℃ ~ +60℃
Weight 390g 490g
Product dimension 114×88.3×24.5(mm)  142×88.3×24.5(mm)
Protection 1.IP68 degree;

2. PV and Battery reverse connection;

3. internal overheat;

4.PV over voltage, short circuit;

5.charge,discharge over load;

6.Anti converse charge at night;

7.TVS protection to PV.

8. Load short circuit, open circuit ;

9. Battery open circuit

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