Sunsaver 6 Volt 430 AH Solar L16 Solar Battery


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SunSaver Deepcycle Lead Acid L16 Solar Batteries – 430 Amp Hour (20 Hour Rate)

552 Amp Hours @ 100 Hour Rate

Comparable In Price and Capacity To Rolls Surrette S550 But Superior Construction Extends Cycle Life Considerably. These premium L16 solar Batteries Feature A Diamond Shaped Grid Pattern To Maximize Capacity And Are Backed By An Industry Leading 7 Year Warranty With 3 Years Free Replacement (1 Year Longer Than Surrette).

SunSaver Ultra Solar Batteries

The Maximum Capacity, Heavy Duty Version Of The SunSaver Line Of Batteries, SunSaver Ultra
Batteries Feature Higher Capacities And Extended Service Life With Design Life Of 10 – 12 Years.
SunSaver Ultra Solar Batteries Are Backed By An Industry Leading 7 Year Pro-Rated Warranty With 3
Years Free Replacement. Designed For Larger, Off Grid Solar Energy Systems.

*High Performance Maintenance Free Deepcycle Battery
*Unique Diamond Grid Structure For Maximum Service Life & Capacity
* 7 Year Pro-Rated / 3 Year Free Replacement Warranty
* 100% Recyclable

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Weight 47 kg
Dimensions 314 × 181 × 419 cm


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